Friday, April 22, 2011


MUD is the word oh yeah.. spent the afternoon in the country with our MONKEYS (and their folks) Story time with MAW MAW. Lunch consisted of all things green.. a necessary task to get rid of the pink... Including the beautiful sparkling pink decorated cup cakes (You must read Pinkalicous to get the MESSAGE here). The grand finale was MUD play! Nothing like MISSISSIPPI MUD to bring a smile to the face of kid. With buckets, hoes, rocks and such there were rivers, dams and ,waterfalls constructed such a MESS of a place for boats and feet! Then a shower for 3 followed by a lone boy MONKEY de-MUDDING processing. The afternoon ended with a little brother MEASURING.... results are in and little brother now towers over big brother. MUSIC and MELODY MINUS the MUD from the shorter brother Made for a MARVELOUS end to a delightful day. On this good Friday MY MIND and MOUTH would be quite MUDDY if I didn't MENTION how very grateful I am for the gift God gave us and the willingness of his son to MAKE this day of reflection possible for all MANKIND. Dear Jesus I so looking forward to seeing you face to face someday soon. Until then MAY the words of MY MOUTH and the MEDITATION of MY heart be acceptable in your sight!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Todays M word is MULTIPLICATION reflections of yesterday..
Started the day early with a desire to cook. Something I have avoided lately as we have been enjoying the basics and living on a $40 a week grocery budget hey don't feel sorry for me (us) because we are blessed indeed and God has shown me how to do the double the coupon and get stuff free routine with great efficiency. He (my faithful God) in the process he has done the MULTIPLICATION by doubling my budget this week yes that is right $80 in groceries this week ( made two or double trips to get the job done but on one of the double trips I had 17 bags of groceries for $60 ..but that is a completely different post.)

Back to what inspired me today. It all started with a pan of fresh homemade cinnamon rolls. I occurred to ME that if one pan would be good then two would surely be great and MALLORY AND MADDIE agreed thus begin a day of doubles that has spilled over into this Lord's day. With an apron tied at my waist (ever growing waist) and a grin on my face the cooking begin. Masterfully cooking 2 hams one for my family and one for a precious home school family that has been dealing with major medical issues with their three year old son. It felt so good so offer a hand and to be able to pray with this family that I decided to MAKE an invitation to my dad and other mother for dinner. Back to the MULTIPLICATION and cooking again... I then proceeded to make 2 banana puddings (real homemade custard NO out of the box stuff at this house) one for dessert and one for daddy to take home. Then it was double feature time as we watched not one but you guessed it two dramas (Stone Pillow, and The Shunning). I'm finding that I am really like the idea of doing this cooking thing in doubles because all that cooking yesterday means no cooking today. Leaving more time for a double nap this afternoon well as soon as I wash the double load of dirty dishes.

I guess if there is a down side for this weekend of doubles it would be that my sweetie had to take double the meds last night to get pain relief of a bad tooth and couldn't quite get going this morning thus double cars at church this. I must admit I was thinking ahhh a new day with a new Letter M only to get to church and we get a double take as both Pastor Greg and Mrs Nancy shared their story. Wow 2 for one! Looking ahead and moving into MONDAY I see additional MULTIPLICATION on the horizon when tomorrow there will double Jenkins family members at the Center for Good Grief! One of us running for a place to talk and share and the other being dragged kicking and screaming.

In closing I would like to thank the letter "D" for sharing and taking part in this wonderful thing called life. To you the reader I am wishing you the MULTIPLICATION of all things good today and for everything good thing you do for someone else I pray that you will receive double for your trouble!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The letter Mm

So I am doing it blogging who would have thought it?

You might wonder how I came up with the name guess I will take a few minutes to explain in my first entry because it was WELL thought out. The letter M seems to just keep popping up in my life everywhere I look I see and hear M&M's oh no not the candy (although I will admit to enjoying my share of those too) Back to my explanation I like the sound of the letter M as it flows off my lips but truth is I love the sound of the letter M when it flows off the lips of others. MERCY God's M word to ME. MAMA the name that my three children Rhonda, Jonathan and Joseph call me. MAWMAW (with a longgg Southern drawl) the name my grandgirls MEGAN, MALLORY & MADDIE and my MONKEYS (Nathan, Savannah and Abigail) call me. Yes I truly love the sound of the letter M when it flows off the lips of others. Then there are the words that flow off my lips with ease and excitement words like MEXICAN Food (what is not to love with that) and MISSIONETTES (a reoccurring passion) and MONEY (there never seems to be even of it) and MINISTRY (making oneself available to the will of God) and MARRIAGE (after 31 years I could say much about this). Can't help but think about MIKE the love of my daughter's life and now doing the work as a single parent to three beautiful girls (what a job). MEMPHIS my home town growing up and even with all the bad press (and much deserved at times) I still love the city. MISSISSIPPI my grown up state and current home!And MOUNTAINS Colorado or East Tennessee either way brings a smile to my face. Well the clock on the wall along with a three old pulling at my PJ's and a 12 year old texting me tells me it is time to consider several other M words MAKE-UP (and yes I am a devoted MARYKAY consumer) and MAKE haste to MAKING some MEMORIES on this MARVELOUS day that MY God has MADE possible. Have a MAGNIFICENT day everyone!