Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The M word for today is "Mission" after some heart wretching Moments of truth today I have come to the conclusion that that what I was Made to be is far from who I am. Furthermore what I was Made to do is far from what I am doing (at least that is the lie I was beginning to believe)There is nothing like a good old fashion Bible study to get you all Messed up! Over two years ago I begin a journey of Living Free oh it was an awesome experience of self discovery and revelation the results where profound and easy to see with the natural eye. People noticed and commented on my success. I felt and looked better than I had in years. Yes indeed I was flying free and then.... Life happened... death of a loved one,  a Major life changing injury for My husband threw me into a tail spin of uncertainty and fear. I begin to feel the weight of the chains as they were once again being applied to My weak being. Heavy and tangled tightly about my arms, legs and most importantly my broken heart. The More I resisted the tigher they became. The More I struggled the More Mangled My life became.

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