Saturday, April 16, 2011

The letter Mm

So I am doing it blogging who would have thought it?

You might wonder how I came up with the name guess I will take a few minutes to explain in my first entry because it was WELL thought out. The letter M seems to just keep popping up in my life everywhere I look I see and hear M&M's oh no not the candy (although I will admit to enjoying my share of those too) Back to my explanation I like the sound of the letter M as it flows off my lips but truth is I love the sound of the letter M when it flows off the lips of others. MERCY God's M word to ME. MAMA the name that my three children Rhonda, Jonathan and Joseph call me. MAWMAW (with a longgg Southern drawl) the name my grandgirls MEGAN, MALLORY & MADDIE and my MONKEYS (Nathan, Savannah and Abigail) call me. Yes I truly love the sound of the letter M when it flows off the lips of others. Then there are the words that flow off my lips with ease and excitement words like MEXICAN Food (what is not to love with that) and MISSIONETTES (a reoccurring passion) and MONEY (there never seems to be even of it) and MINISTRY (making oneself available to the will of God) and MARRIAGE (after 31 years I could say much about this). Can't help but think about MIKE the love of my daughter's life and now doing the work as a single parent to three beautiful girls (what a job). MEMPHIS my home town growing up and even with all the bad press (and much deserved at times) I still love the city. MISSISSIPPI my grown up state and current home!And MOUNTAINS Colorado or East Tennessee either way brings a smile to my face. Well the clock on the wall along with a three old pulling at my PJ's and a 12 year old texting me tells me it is time to consider several other M words MAKE-UP (and yes I am a devoted MARYKAY consumer) and MAKE haste to MAKING some MEMORIES on this MARVELOUS day that MY God has MADE possible. Have a MAGNIFICENT day everyone!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. This is an excellent introduction post. I look forward to what you have to share with us. love.

  2. Mellifluous mast!
    (OK, I looked up "post" in the thesaurus, and mast was the first M word that came up. I know it's a synonym of a different definition of post) :-)