Friday, April 22, 2011


MUD is the word oh yeah.. spent the afternoon in the country with our MONKEYS (and their folks) Story time with MAW MAW. Lunch consisted of all things green.. a necessary task to get rid of the pink... Including the beautiful sparkling pink decorated cup cakes (You must read Pinkalicous to get the MESSAGE here). The grand finale was MUD play! Nothing like MISSISSIPPI MUD to bring a smile to the face of kid. With buckets, hoes, rocks and such there were rivers, dams and ,waterfalls constructed such a MESS of a place for boats and feet! Then a shower for 3 followed by a lone boy MONKEY de-MUDDING processing. The afternoon ended with a little brother MEASURING.... results are in and little brother now towers over big brother. MUSIC and MELODY MINUS the MUD from the shorter brother Made for a MARVELOUS end to a delightful day. On this good Friday MY MIND and MOUTH would be quite MUDDY if I didn't MENTION how very grateful I am for the gift God gave us and the willingness of his son to MAKE this day of reflection possible for all MANKIND. Dear Jesus I so looking forward to seeing you face to face someday soon. Until then MAY the words of MY MOUTH and the MEDITATION of MY heart be acceptable in your sight!

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  1. You know some Brasfields would have loved that Mississippi Mud.