Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MERCY ME the sun is shining and that MAKES ME MARVELOUSLY happy! Another MORNING Without sunshine would have done ME in!

To prove MY point... I was in a hurry earlier.... to get to MOTHER'S Day out to pick up MADDIE I jumped into the shower... realizing something wasn't right I adjusted the temperature and then adjusted the shower head huh something still doesn't feel right so I grabbed the bottle to MAKE sure I was using body wash and not hair conditioner to bath in.... oh NO something is seriously wrong here and then it occurred to ME... MY glasses were covered with soap MAKING it impossible to read the writing! well duh that MUST be what is wrong I was showering wearing MY glasses and it just didn't feel right. Truth prevails no MATTER how much silver is showing on top I am still very much a blond in the Head!

I am so looking forward to the MILLIONS of beautiful flowers that are sure to show themselves after all the April showers . Thinking about how MANY flowers will be sold over the next few days in honor of MOTHER'S Day. MEMORIES flood MY MIND. MADE ME think of MY gal, Rhonda who loved flowers with dirt and thought cut flowers to be rather wasteful. In honor of the MOTHER she became every Sunday for the rest of the MONTH of MAY I will MAKE an attempt to MANAGE MY MOMENTS of grief by planting another pot of flowers in the ground.This will be MY time of reflection...how blessed I am to have heard the sound of MAMA coming from the MOUTH of MY first born child. As I work in the dirt I will MARVEL at how blessed I continue to be as I hear the same word "MAMA" coming from the MOUTH'S of MY precious sons.

Here's to hoping they remember MY favorite candy is still M&M's (although I prefer peanut butter over peanuts these days) and MY favorite flower is still a MAGNOLIA and MY favorite MEAL is still MEXICAN (Although a good MARINATED steak will work too) other gift ideas.... oops did I really say that? I need a MANICURE really bad and I am still dreaming of MY own MOTORCYCLE.

With all the history making events of the past week including weddings, tornadoes, floods, and government affairs. I would be MAKING a MAJOR MISTAKE if I didn't declare that I am thankful that I know the MASTER of it all and grateful for the MANIFOLD blessings that he alone has set in MOTION in MY life!!!!

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